18 Dec Recent news on forerunner vaccines

Fri, 12/18/2020 - 14:11

Dear colleagues,


First many thanks for all of you (over 30!) who reacted and wanted to contribute.  It is very clear that many of us are confronted with the same problem: we all get solicited by friends and family, organizations and other colleagues with many question for info on the corona vaccines and we feel-to some extent-frustrated because we lack precise information ourselves.


Now, the good news is, that while we were considering of writing this call for transparency, in fact, some of our “prayers for help” have been answered.  In fact, during the last days, several publications on the phase 3 trials of the 3 forerunners (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca) have appeared either in Lancet, NEJM and/or as “briefing documents” of FDA.  (I’m very grateful to the colleagues who called my attention for it).


Herewith also a link to a European Commission website with some info



And a link to a (lay press) report on serious reactions to the Pfizer vaccine



Because of a family situation (rather happy, don’t worry), I don’t have the time to comment much more at this moment.


Clearly, though, with this very recent and positive release of information, the call for transparency in my proposed letter, has at least partly been met. So, the letter needs to be looked at from a different perspective and I’m not yet sure how exactly.


Personally, I’m very happy with vaccination campaigns against COVID-19, but the haste and speed is sometimes a bit confusing. It is very clear that many colleagues (who don’t follow COVID as closely as we do) and the general public still have many questions and doubts, which may impact uptake negatively. 


My method of screening the scientific literature through overviews/editorials  from Nature, Science and search websites, is clearly insufficiently slow at this moment.  Therefore, I propose that we exchange information as much as possible amongst us: please send me all info on vaccines especially that you feel useful to share (as some of you did during the last few days). Of course, I will do my best to distribute it in a structured way back to all of you.


Best wishes for now